Veterinary Ultrasounds in Macomb, MI

Ultrasound examination, also known as ultrasonography, is a non-invasive imaging technique that enables the visualization of internal body structures by recording echoes or reflections of ultrasonic waves. Unlike X-rays, ultrasounds involve no radiation. To schedule your pet’s ultrasound in Macomb, please contact us at (586) 598-1900.

Are There Different Forms of Ultrasound?

Ultrasound can take various forms depending on the images produced. In veterinary practice, the most common form is B-mode (brightness-mode) ultrasound, often referred to as two-dimensional ultrasound. This provides a two-dimensional picture of the scanned organ and is commonly used to examine abdominal structures, perform pregnancy diagnosis, evaluate cardiac function, and assess the eyes for certain eye diseases.

How We Support You:

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Will My Dog Need an Anesthetic?

Anesthesia is typically unnecessary for most ultrasound examinations unless biopsies are required. The technique is entirely painless, and most dogs remain comfortable during the scan. Occasionally, if the dog is highly anxious or uncooperative, a sedative may be recommended.

Is It Necessary to Shave My Pet’s Fur?

In most cases, shaving the fur is necessary to conduct an ultrasound examination. Since ultrasound waves do not transmit through air, it is essential for the hand-held probe to make complete contact with the skin. In certain situations, such as pregnancy diagnosis, it may be feasible to obtain adequate images by moistening the hair with rubbing alcohol and applying a generous amount of water-soluble ultrasound gel. Rest assured, this is a service we will provide for you.

When Will I Know the Results of the Examination?

Since an ultrasound study is performed in real-time, the results of what is seen are known immediately. In some cases, the ultrasound images may be sent to a veterinary radiologist for further consultation. When this occurs, the final report may not be available for a few days.