FHO (Femoral Head Ostectomy) Surgery Services at Pets Ahoy Animal Hospital

Welcome to Pets Ahoy Animal Hospital, your premier destination in Macomb, MI, for FHO (Femoral Head Ostectomy) surgery services. We specialize in offering advanced solutions for pets grappling with hip joint issues, such as hip dysplasia or severe arthritis, to enhance their quality of life.

FHO surgery is a sophisticated procedure meticulously crafted to mitigate pain and restore mobility in pets. By removing the femoral head, we effectively eliminate the source of discomfort caused by friction within the hip joint. Our dedicated veterinary team boasts extensive experience and operates within cutting-edge facilities, ensuring precise and compassionate care throughout the surgical process.

Understanding the profound impact that hip joint ailments can have on your furry companion, our veterinarians conduct comprehensive examinations and diagnostic tests. This meticulous approach enables us to determine the suitability of FHO surgery for your pet's specific condition. We prioritize transparent communication with pet owners, ensuring you are well-informed about the procedure and equipped to navigate the recovery journey seamlessly.

Should your pet exhibit symptoms like limping, difficulty rising, or reluctance to use their hind legs, FHO surgery may serve as a viable treatment option. Don't hesitate to reach out to Pets Ahoy Animal Hospital at (586) 598-1900 to schedule a consultation. Our compassionate team is committed to providing the expertise and support necessary to enhance your pet's mobility and overall well-being through FHO surgery.