Ensuring Your Pet's Eye Health with Tonometry Testing

Detecting and addressing issues related to intraocular pressure (IOP) promptly is paramount for safeguarding your pet's vision. At our facility, we specialize in assessing and managing conditions such as glaucoma with precision and care. Our tonometry testing service allows us to evaluate your dog or cat's eyes for any abnormal pressure levels. This non-invasive procedure, conducted using a specialized tonometer device, ensures minimal discomfort and does not necessitate sedation.

Untreated glaucoma poses a significant threat to your pet's eyesight, potentially leading to irreversible vision loss or even blindness within a matter of hours to days. Therefore, pets who have sustained eye injuries or belong to breeds predisposed to glaucoma should undergo this essential examination. Additionally, we strongly advise regular tonometry screenings for susceptible breeds to enable proactive monitoring and early intervention.

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Prompt attention is crucial if you observe any of the following symptoms in your pet's eyes: dilated pupils, corneal cloudiness, redness or bloodshot appearance, ocular protrusion, squinting, or excessive tearing. Since glaucoma often causes discomfort, your pet may exhibit signs such as rubbing or pawing at their eyes or increased head rubbing against surfaces.

Protect your pet's vision – reach out to us for comprehensive tonometry testing and proactive eye care.