Soft Tissue Surgery in Macomb, MI

At our clinic in Macomb, MI, we specialize in a wide range of soft tissue surgeries for pets. Soft tissue surgeries encompass procedures that do not involve bones and can offer numerous benefits to your beloved companions.

One of the most common soft tissue surgeries we perform is the removal of masses or lumps in pets. While many of these growths are benign upon examination and testing, it's crucial to promptly address them to ensure optimal outcomes, especially if they prove to be cancerous.

If your dog suffers from frequent ear infections, surgical intervention can reduce their occurrence by improving airflow into the ear canal.

Additionally, our surgical expertise extends to addressing various ocular issues in pets. Excessive tearing in your pet's eyes might signal an underlying infection or indicate corneal damage. Surgical procedures can expedite corneal healing, minimizing scarring and ultimately improving your pet's vision. Moreover, some pets may experience discomfort due to eyelash-related corneal damage. Surgical intervention not only alleviates discomfort but also diminishes the risk of corneal scarring, ensuring long-term visual clarity for your pet.

By entrusting your pet's soft tissue surgical needs to us, you're ensuring comprehensive care and optimal outcomes.